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Furtive Affairs


Published August 17th 2014
143 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

One night will change them all.Ivana Harper has never been one for either normality, or propriety. Labelled unladylike and unmarriageable by Mauvertons gentlewomen, she has come to terms with her future as a spinster. But the night the town is attacked by a vengeful spirit, her world changes drastically. With the arrival of Lucian Reed, a spirit hunter and Magixus from beyond the forest, Ivana is introduced to the world of magic.Secrets buried for decades come to light as Ivana digs deeper. The truth of the town councils many acts of crime, the extinction of magic in her town, and Lucian Reeds mysterious past and connection to Mauverton. But she finds herself drawn to the truth and entangles herself further into Lucian Reeds life of magic and secrecy.To save those she loves, she may have to sacrifice more than shes willing: her soul.