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Instant Access

Consultants Network Inc.

Published April 1st 1997
ISBN : 9780965563314
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 About the Book 

Ever waned to become a wizard in using, customizing or programming the R/3 software like those highly sought after consultants who started their SAP careers back in the 80s? Here is one of their favorite tools!This giant reference card gives a complete overview of the SD module, shows the short cuts in the R/3 software and explains how to configure the core of the Sales and Distribution application. A must for everyone who uses SAP R/3 software on a daily basis.Features:Complete set of transaction codes for daily workThe fastest way of using match codes to find data in the R/3 softwareReference to set default values for repetitive data entryComplete set of transaction codes to configure the Sales and Distribution application with IMGConfiguration map of organizational elements to set up and maintain your organization structure.Instant Access charts show how to configure the most important determination procedures:PricingAccount AssignmentOutput Business PartnerTextDocument Header - Item - Schedule Line DependencyInstant Access charts: Configuration of document flow:OverviewShippingBilling