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Healing: Finding Truth Among the Mysteries Sara Lowe

Healing: Finding Truth Among the Mysteries

Sara Lowe

Kindle Edition
66 pages
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 About the Book 

Betty McAllister took a journey she never expected. She was alone and scared, hoping for a miracle in a place far away from home. Read this true story of a stunning healing and discover the path to wholeness for yourself.This Christian book on God’s healing opens up Biblical miracles so that you can relate. Have you heard of the blind man who kept crying out to Jesus? Some of us cry out today. We are desperate, hurting. Does anyone hear us, we wonder. Jesus does. Jesus hears us.Be renewed by your understanding of the gifts that Jesus offers. Be transformed by learning your personal obstacles to healing.Healing, Finding Truth Among the Mysteries will enable you to:Understand, activate and stand firm on the foundation of your healingLearn, accept and appropriate that you are included in the Lord’s promises of healingBreak free from obstacles holding you back from wholenessOne power chapter dares to look at the mystery of when we are not healed and offers a triumphant call to our commitment and love for the Lord.Transparency, teaching and credibility come together in a dynamic easy-to-follow format. The story of Dodie Osteen and wisdom quotes by Christian leaders enrich your reading.Take advantage of gaining key knowledge today by purchasing Healing, Finding Truth Among the Mysteries.